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Top Three Reasons To Consult An Estate Planning Attorney

Nearly everyone craves control. It’s just human nature! So it only makes sense that many individuals want to be in complete control when it comes to long term care planning, creating their will, and other end of life issues. However, drafting a will or making plans for your estate without the help of a qualified estate planning attorney can be a huge mistake — and here’s why!

Estate Laws Vary By State And Change Frequently

One of the most convincing reasons to seek an attorney experienced in elder law is the simple truth that probate laws vary significantly depending upon the state in which you reside. What is acceptable in one state may not be in another. Not only do these laws vary geographically, but they also change quite often! Individuals who seek professional assistance are less likely to face unnecessary disputes or setbacks as a result of one minor misinterpretation or error. Estate planning attorneys are extensively trained in all areas of elder law. It is their job to keep up with every intricate detail of state and local laws, including any amendments or changes. That’s why it is a good idea to have your estate planning attorney review your will, and other important documents, periodically to ensure they are in compliance.

Probate Attorneys Can Help You Create A Solid Will

Drafting a will may seem like a simple endeavor, but truthfully, it is very grand rapids estate planning attorney complex! While there are countless decent templates floating around the Internet, the problem is that everyone’s situation is unique and probate laws vary. As such, a cookie cutter approach just isn’t advisable. Probate attorneys are skilled in crafting customized wills that minimize complications and disputes down the road.

You may wonder what exactly “probate” means? In essence, this is the process through which a will is declared legally valid, and it occurs shortly after an individual’s death. Once the probate procedure begins, there are a multitude of issues that can either complicate or significantly delay the proceedings, including unhappy family members who may file lawsuits. By sourcing a skilled probate attorney to create your will, you can drastically reduce the likelihood of such setbacks — and thereby ensure that your affairs are handled smoothly and to your specifications.

Estate Planning Is Complex And Should Be Left To The Experts!

Most importantly, seeking the expertise of an elder law attorney is crucial because simply put, estate planning is a complicated process. This is definitely not a subject one can become proficient in with a mere Google search or two. Probate attorneys spend years learning all the intricacies of elder law, with the goal of providing the best possible legal and financial advice; so do yourself a huge favor and let them do their job! You can still be actively involved in the process, but you’ll also have the assistance of an expert to explain and simplify the complex issues — the ideal way to ensure your long term wishes are met in the most professional and precise manner possible!

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