Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Sensual Women’s Healing Force

Last week I read an article posted by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger on Natural News where he cited a decision reversal by the FDA on the lifelong safety of silicone breast implants.1 The FDA had previously given an opinion that women would be safe for a lifetime, but now they declared that after a decade, the implants should be removed. They pose a cancer risk. Although this news is disappointing, the most shocking aspect of the article is the number of women who’ve had breast implant surgery in the U.S. last year alone: 400,000. With a population of about 313 million (of which about 105 million are female between 15-64 years old), the 400,000 figure equals 38%.2

Last year we experienced a wide recession, high unemployment, intervista Gitane DeMone  business contraction and a multitude of other stresses. If we consider all these in the mix, the number of breast implants last year is astonishing.

The fire of abuse
Another article published during the same week chronicled the findings on a sexual abuse study and how it affects women after twenty or more years.3 The majority of women participating in the study had been sexually abused for a period of two years. Certainly, the group showed stresses in the areas of health, obesity and relationships. But, what was surprising was how long these symptoms persisted, and nearly all participants experienced one or more. Also, many participants now have successful lives, and that needs to be considered as well.

Both issues point to acute stresses on women today: the stress to attract a quality man coupled with a risk in being attractive. Attractiveness itself is on the edge.

Our inner beauty
What is feminine attractiveness and how can women wield it to the highest benefit? Real attractiveness exudes from our being when we master our inner beauty, innate wisdom, love and compassion, and empathy. If we listen and nurture our inner voice we can tap into our connection with the Divine Feminine any time.

Will this give us the voluptuous sensuality we seek, that socially entices our imagination and is blatantly kept in view by our media? Our feminine mystery, allure, sexuality, and sensuality are within our grasp at every moment, and are the bond to the deepest aspect of our souls. As soon as we’re aware of it, it is ours. And, we can wield it once we have it.

Shakti or the divine feminine force
This powerful force, also known as “shakti” in Hindi, pours out of us from within. Since its basis is love and compassion, and the fundamental eroticism of our hearts, it will attract (without fail) all that we’ll ever need, and that which is for our highest good. When we couple this Divine Feminine energy with our intelligence, we’ll be empowered not only with the strength needed for our success, but with the magnificent healing force so desperately needed in the world today. It is one of our highest duties to master these feminine attributes.

Our mastery yields global healing
All of us have the potential to achieve this mastery. It’s up to us to ignite our desire and to put forth the effort to embody our divine feminine force.

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