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Responsible Sponsorship For A Home Based Business

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Residual income for the newcomer in a home based business is dependent to a large extent in the beginning on being a responsible sponsor. There are many opinions about what a sponsor’s responsibilities are in helping a new person develop a residual income and there have been many controversies as well over the years. For the sake of the new-comers I wanted to share a little of what I have learned concerning this subject. First, nobody is perfect and we will all make mistakes – remember that. As well, everyone  the brat and judy  truly has to take responsibility for their own home based business. My friend, Cameron, was full time for many years before he had a responsible sponsor that really helped him with his business. Before that, he had done it alone.

If we sponsor someone to help them develop that residual income (freedom income), I believe we have to dedicate ourselves to matching their energy and time invested in their home based business at least until we have done all we can to share what we know. If a new-comer sponsors a new-comer this can be a shared learning experience. For a Full-Time Active Upline this can take longer as the objective is to replace oneself and have people leading their own group with only the occasional input needed. This is where solid  down low pastors  residual income comes from. Ideally, I would love to see everybody I sponsor Full-Time some day.

It happens sometimes that people blame their own lack of success in their home based business on their Upline. There are always two sides to a story. I have had Upline who interfered with my team in building a residual income in a negative way. This can be very hard to overcome and can be very frustrating. This is why being part of a dynamic team that is enthusiastically supporting each other can be one of the most empowering experiences. People with winning attitudes never blame others for their own lack of success in a home based business.

Staying in touch with those you personally recruit is important, especially in the beginning in terms of developing a long term successful residual income. Of course, we all have to take the initiative to call our sponsor ourselves, if we care about our own home based business. It all depends on the working relationship. For example, in my friend’s first full time endeavor, he kept going up and up until he found somebody with the experience to help him be free and build a full time residual income. He was so far above my friend in line that he could have had a nosebleed up there. But, he found him finally and he did help him learn. Sometimes personalities don’t mesh; this is a relationship business after all. There is nothing wrong with going through the team until you find somebody that you are comfortable to work with in building your own home based business. An experienced upline will match energy with anybody who is “doing it” and will also know when a person is just “talking”.

I believe that showing respect and honoring people where they are at, will always help a network grow in a home based business. Some people just are not ready to break through the walls and “go for it” yet in building a substantial walkaway residual income. We should never turn our back on them because we want them to be successful perhaps more than they do. Without judgment, just BE a friend, remaining patient and kind. Some will move on, and some will get going one day. The worst thing we can do is try and push someone up the mountain. Lead by going up ourselves and always offer a helping hand.

It has been my experience that just being honest and sharing the truths about what it takes to build a residual income, even if they are negative, is always the best course of action. I’m not saying dump on people, but don’t try and be something you are not. It’s OK to be human, nobody is perfect. In the end, this will help people realize that building a home based business takes time and there are ups and downs. It helps people stay focused and not get too frustrated.

Finally, in my opinion, the most important thing a good sponsor does is inspire people. Inspire through being the best we can be always and encouraging those we recruit. Jim Rohn says there are two reasons people change their situations, inspiration or desperation. Well, in my experience, inspiration is by far the best approach. There are many ways to inspire people and I think that would be a great subject for another article. Anyhow, there are many other aspects of being a responsible sponsor that I will share another day.

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