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Protecting Your Identity When Your Home is Broken Into

Most people take all the necessary steps and precautions required to safeguard your personal information whenever they surf the net or when they are out in the public. However, very few have actually taken steps to protect their identity when their home is broken into and their personal documents stolen. A lot of people ask, “How can you protect yourself from identity theft when you are in your own home?” Should you even be afraid of having your papers and personal documents stolen when you keep them in your home? If your home is not safe, then where else is safe? How do you effectively protect yourself in your home from identity theft?

Preventing Break-ins

Obviously, the best way to protect your personal identity and keep all your personal documents that you store in your home secure is to protect yourself from break-ins. According to statistics, nine out of ten break-ins could have been prevented had the homeowner followed a couple of precautionary steps to deter thieves from breaking into their homes.

Keep your doors and windows locked – this is probably the identityiq trial  most common form of protection that you can employ to secure your home from burglary. You need to keep all the doors and windows locked whenever you are away from your house or when you are asleep. When you perform your nightly checklist, you should always include checking all the doors and windows are locked before you turn off all the lights and tuck yourself to bed. Try to invest in strong doors that cannot be easily knocked down by identity theft criminals.

Use deadbolts for your doors and windows – in addition to the traditional locks that you have in your doors and windows, you can also try purchasing deadbolts for added security. This will make it more difficult and time consuming for identity thieves or criminals to get into your home. It would be very easy for thieves to break into your home without these.

Invest on secure locks for sliding glass doors – most sliding glass doors are fairly easy to open that is why you have to invest in secure locks for these. You can try employing metal or wood dowel in the door track so that even if the door lock is broken, the sliding glass door will not be easily opened.

Invest in alarm systems or surveillance systems from reputable companies – home burglars tend to stay away from homes that have alarm systems because they are more likely to get caught. If you don’t have enough financial resources to do so, you can try purchasing fake security cameras which is also an effective crime deterrent device.

Securing your home can significantly lessen the chances of your home being broken into and exposing yourself to identity theft. Some burglaries that have been reported did not include any electronics or appliances stolen but rather focused on stealing personal documents for identity theft purposes. You have to be very wary and if you want to fully secure yourself from identity theft, you also have to secure your home.

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