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Indian Wedding Superstitions

A secular and multi-cultural country like India is a melting pot of multiple traditions and beliefs. Superstitions are considered important by people living there because they provide hints as to whether the future will bring good or bad luck. In a sense, they serve as warning signs for things to come.

A wedding in India is a huge event. No matter which region of the country Thane News in marathi you consider – Gujarat, Punjab, Bengal or any other region throughout the country – a wedding’s importance is beyond the union of two earthly lives, and is considered holy and spiritual. Because of this, all possible steps are taken to ensure that no cloud of negativity hovers over the events of the marriage. Nothing should mar the happiness in the lives of the couple who are joined in holy matrimony. No belief – whether good or bad – is ignored or sidelined. In fact, many matrimonial websites will spell out superstitions and beliefs related to weddings very clearly to prepare those who are looking for a spouse.

Strange or scientific, believable or silly, here is a compilation of some beliefs associated with weddings in India:


  • If milk boils over from a container and spills, it is not a good omen. Milk boiling over signifies a lack of prosperity in the marital household and life of the couple.
  • In Marathi tradition, seeing of a rainbow on the day of the wedding by either the bride or groom is extremely lucky.
  • In some parts of India, it is good to let a cat eat from the left shoe of the groom a week before the wedding rituals start.
  • Rain on the day of the wedding is considered auspicious because it is a divine blessing for the couple.
  • Lending a wedding dress brings luck to the borrower but bad luck to the lender, according to Gujarati customs. Another belief regarding the wedding dress is that under no circumstances should a bride make her own wedding dress – it would bring the worst possible luck on her.
  • In Punjab, if brides wear earrings after they are married, they will always be content and happy in their lives. A simple way to blissful living!
  • Right before leaving the house to get married, the bride should have one last look at the mirror. This practice is considered to be the harbinger of good luck. Also, once the bride leaves her house and crosses her parental threshold to go to her wedding, she should never come back to look at herself in the mirror or for any other reason, because it’s unlucky,
  • In some cultures and regions, throwing rice – raw or puffed – on the bride and groom is considered to be a metaphor of showering blessings and good luck on them.

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