Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

How A Video Door Intercom System Can Make Your Home Safe

Having the ease of seeing who is at the entrance to your home with a video door intercom is great feeling of knowing who or what is arriving at your front door, whether it your mum, your best friend, a delivery, or someone you don’t wish to speak to immediately and might need a few seconds to gather your thoughts.

Front door intercoms are also a great way to catch thieves if they have struck before or if they are trying to scope out your home, by utilizing an image memory function inside the internal monitor that records a picture of the last person to stand on front of the camera.

Having this very handy feature is also an excellent way to get אינטרקום  minor questions answered, for example, if someone tried calling over to see you on a certain day, or if someone said they came over at certain time.

Most home video intercom systems are fairly cost affective, creating some extra spice and features around the house, while adding value to your home.

If you feel you need an extra internal monitor, e.g. one upstairs and one downstairs, this is possible and has a wonderful effect with communication as you talk between the two monitors.

With most door intercom systems you can open you gate latch with an open function on the internal monitors for ease of use, once you know who is at the gate to let through, which is another useful safety benefit to have if you a have a gate entry.

Having an intercom facility to two of your entry points, being a back door and front door can also be utilized for extra security, and generally most intercoms have 2 different ring tones, so you can easily know if someone is either at the back or front doors.

Most intercom systems are low voltage, and use a power plug supply to power up the system, incorporating low voltage cabling so can be easily installed.

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