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Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes For a Better Life

Careful meal planning is a way of life for many people, whether by need or by choice. People who have food sensitivities and food allergies may opt to modify their diets in order to avoid those products that cause them problems. Sensitivities and allergies can take many forms and usually you don’t even know that you have problems related to foods until you visit an allergist and have allergen panels performed. Some people are forced to choose a gluten free, dairy free lifestyle.

Gluten and dairy products are two things that create  Purie problems for many people and finding gluten and dairy free recipes is a time consuming process. For people with celiac disease there is still a great need to check the ingredients of a gluten free recipe just to be on the safe side, and it is a sure bet that they already know that any recipe ingredient with any malt, rye, wheat or modified food starch is out. Gluten free dairy free recipes must have no hint of the regular milk or milk products in its ingredient list. Both gluten and dairy products are found in so many of our everyday recipes that it makes hunting for recipes that exclude them that much harder.

Gluten and dairy free recipes may include rice flour, corn meal or grits. You may choose recipes that have rice noodles or pasta and you may use tempeh. For soups and stews, there are 3 thickener agents that can be used and these are potato and corn starches and arrowroot. Soya milk like Silk is a good non-dairy alternative that is easy to obtain.

If you are looking for pre-packaged gluten free snacks, there are a few but you will have to search for them at health food stores. Vegan butter is available and there are more rice treats coming to the market that are gluten free. You can find some great recipes that people are beginning to share that include using things like club soda for mixing power. You may even be encouraged to do some experimenting on your own.

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