Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

Five Solid, Powerful Tools for Entrepreneurs and Lightworkers to Turn Up Your Light

Shining brighter doesn’t show up like you think it will. Shining brighter starts inside and flows outside, and it does not depend on the actual medium. It can show up with a multitude of media. These five tools for generating more buzz, shining brighter and attracting more people into your business are easy to start and initiate, today.

#1 Commit to a much larger result than you have been thinking about. Whatever you’ve been doing, it hasn’t gotten you to where you seek to be. So notch it up.

#2 Look across media and see where you shine Podcasts   brightest. Is it writing, singing, blogging, creating videos, creating audio recordings, or is it something like Facebook or Twitter? Build on what is the most natural and comes with the most ease.

#3 Expansion is delicious. It is also painful. Then delicious. Then painful. Then delicious. Then different. If you’ve never had a virtual assistant, then suddenly you do, it is both delicious and you also have to change it up for things to work.

#4 Vet new ideas and run with the ideas that charge you up the most. If it is so charged your body tingles, it might be big enough. If it’s like “of course, I can do that” and it feels like taking a nap it’s that easy, it might not take you someplace new. This is a relatively difficult concept because it is this fine line of “what do I do next,” and going where you sense the energy will give you extra easy play – but it may be also uncomfortable at the same time.

#5 Take it easy around results. You might get immediate results. You might not. You might have to measure your results differently. So, in starting a new podcast, you might watch your sales and client interactions for measures of success as opposed to focusing intently only on the download numbers and stats that show up on the dashboard. You can self-moderate and kill totally beautiful projects by mutilating them before giving them a chance to shine.

Here’s more on committing to a larger result and what messes up entrepreneurs and light-workers. Let’s say you desire 70,000 listens or #1 bestseller status. Now, it’s your first day out of the gate, and you anxiously look at sales or results. As you look at the results (and they may be dismal), you suddenly lose all enthusiasm for the project. So, that is not actually the best way to get insanely ridiculous successful results. Instead, ask the results questions. What inspired action can I take today to move me in the direction of the results I desire right away?

And let’s say it’s a book, you might get the idea of a Kindle 99-cent day special to run four weeks from now. So you then have four weeks to amp up your plans for the morning rush of a bestseller campaign around a 99-cent day special. Boom! That is very different energy from looking daily at your book sale numbers and experiencing some kind of self-judgment around them.

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