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Exotic Flowers in Orlando Change Consumer’s Delivery Expectations

What do you anticipate when the flower delivery van arrives in your driveway? A dozen red roses or a beautiful fresh-cut flower arrangement of amaryllis, calla lilies, and tulips? If you live in Orlando, you can expect the finest, freshest, flowers in the nation arriving by delivery to your home or loved one’s home.

The floral market in Orlando has changed dramatically in the past ten years due to the influx of exotic flowers grown by local farmers. Orlando florists have a multitude of locally grown plants to choose from when they are designing their latest floral creations. No longer do they have to rely on the old standards of Daisies or Babies Breath. Now floral shops can offer, for delivery, in the Orlando area and nationwide, some of the most exquisite flowers grown in the Southeastern United States.

The wholesale flower business in Orlando has also expanded Orlando florist  their operations, delivering their flowers to florists around the country. Because these flowers can ship from Orlando with 24 hour delivery, it has enabled these wholesale florists to compete with the growers in Holland and California. Orlando’s quick turn-around enables them to deliver the flowers fresh and crisp.

Why this migration towards cultivation of foreign flower varieties rather than sticking to the native Floridian selection of blossoms? The floral industry can thank none other than Disney Corporation for another boost to the Orlando economy. The Disney greenhouses, originally intended to farm fresh vegetables and herbs for the multitude of Disney kitchens in Orlando, began testing their international green thumbs a little over ten years ago by growing new varieties of flowers. With their success, they began supplying Disney guest rooms with fresh-cut exotic flower arrangements delivered upon guest arrival. Unable to maintain the supply demanded, local farmers were welcomed into the fold and began growing exotic flowers also.

These changes have affected the floral delivery business around the country, not just in Orlando. Consumers have come to expect and recognize the premium flowers shipped from Orlando. Now they can call their local floral shop or use an online florist to supply their loved one with a beautiful, unique fresh flower arrangement for traditional holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Birthdays. Several of the local farmers in Orlando also offer flower of the month clubs with delivery of their gorgeous fresh-cut flowers monthly.

Whether you are father of the bride, a Romeo, or just a young girl waiting for a special delivery, all benefit from the advances in the flower industry introduced to us by the Orlando floral market. From bud to bloom, consumers are now provided with the highest quality flowers.

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