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Discover the Best Ceramic Hair Straightener for Your Hair Type

Hey there. Chances are if, you’re looking for a ceramic hair straightener, you or someone you know is wanting the best hair straightener for their type of hair. I’m so glad that we have met because, I just might have the answer for you.

I have been a hair stylist for 17 years and I know how overwhelming it can be to find the best hair styling tools and products for your hair. It is important to properly maintain your hair by getting a trim every 4-8 weeks and using the right tools and products to prevent damage to your hair.

There are so many hair straighteners on the market Best Face Powders for Oily Skin today and it is very important that you use the right one according to your hair type. If you have fine hair and use a flat iron that only has one temperature setting it could damage your hair from being to hot. And in turn, if you have coarse, unruly hair you will need to choose a ceramic hair straightener iron that will get hot enough to straighten your hair with one or two passes through the hair.

Here’s the scoop. I have researched the top hair straighteners for coarse, medium and fine hair. I reveal the best plate size for your length, the best temperature settings and of course the recommended brand. So let’s get started!

You don’t want to use more heat than necessary when styling your hair. It is best that your iron has variable temperature settings. If you have thick, coarse, or curly hair you will want to set your flat iron to a higher heat setting between 350-410 degrees F. For fine, damaged or chemically treated hair, be sure to use a lower heat setting below 360 degrees F. Normal hair can be heated at around 300-380 degrees F. It is important that you start with a lower heat and increase the temperature if needed.

A professional ceramic hair straightener, unlike cheaper consumer flat irons, will have a ceramic heater and thick ceramic layers baked onto the plates. Many lower grade brands of irons apply a light ceramic coating that easily scrapes off. As long as you go with a professional quality ceramic flat iron, you’re making the healthiest choice for your hair. However, choosing the right size is also important. Most hair types will be able to work well with 1″-1 1/2″ plates as long as your hair is short-medium length. For fine hair, a narrower plate is adequate. In general these smaller irons are lighter and easier to control.

If you have long, thick or extra curly hair, a plate that is 2″ or larger make take less time for you to straighten your hair but, it may not be as easy to maneuver. When choosing the size this is something that you will want to keep in mind, ease of use or your time.

So, your probably wondering which are the best brands for your type of hair. After much research on Amazon the following have been viewed as the best ceramic hair straightener brands for the following hair types.

Thick, Coarse or Curly

Sedu, T3, Solia, BabyBliss Nano, HSI Ceramic Tourmaline and the Remington S-8510 Shine Therapy. With these brands and settings you will transform your frizzy, dull hair into gorgeous straight, sleek locks.

Normal, Medium or Wavy

InfraShine, Remington, HairArt, T3, HAI and GHD are all recommended for normal, wavy hair.

Fine, Damaged or Chemically Treated

Remington, Solia, HSI, Sultra and GHD will leave fine hair smooth and sleek without the damage.

There are tons of hair straightener irons and products on the market today and it can get a bit overwhelming. I left a link for you in the resource box below to find out more about the most popular irons available.

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