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Cleaning Your Car Inside and Out

Nobody really likes cleaning. Okay, some people do, but most of us don’t! Whether it’s your car, your house or your clothes, cleaning just isn’t fun. But when it comes to your car, you should give it a little more care when you clean it.

Your car is the one thing that people will see all the time, at home, at work, everywhere you go. So it’s important to keep the outside and the inside of your car clean at all times. Because you never know when you might have to give a friend or co-worker a ride.

You can sufficiently clean your car at home when your garden hose, soap and a vacuum cleaner. But if you want to bring the true beauty out of your car, you should take it to a manual car wash with wax, heavy duty soap and super water blasters.

It’s best to use hot water when you’re washing your car bilrens because it gets more dirt and crap off your car, and it brings out the color of your car more. You can only get cold water out of your house garden hose.

At the manual car wash, start out with some regular cold water just to rinse it. Then turn it over to hot water and rinse it again with hot water. Now its time to bring out the bubbles! Turn it to soap mode and blast your entire car with soapy suds. If any areas of your car are especially dirty, you might need to use do some manual labor and scrub the dirt off.

Rinse again with hot water, and then turn it over to wax mode. Wax your entire car, even the rims! This hot wax is what will really make your car shine and look amazing. You’re done with the outside.

Drive to the heavy duty vacuum cleaner and put a few quarters in, and let that bad boy do its job. It’s very strong so it will suck up almost anything you point it at, so make sure you get valuables cleaned up first. You’ll be amazed at how strong it is, and how much dirt it will take out of your car.

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