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3 Lessons Learned From the Girl Scouts

Have you noticed that is it Girl Scout cookie time? How many of you have helped out these wonderful young girls in their quest for empowering themselves? The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the nation’s foremost entrepreneurial learning experience for girls. It is a unique and valuable way for girls to learn the power of goal-setting, develop self confidence and learn business skills.

Were you Girl Scout? I was and I really loved being one! I remember loving working as a team, working toward a goal, serving others and earning those patches! I still have them and actually just brought them out for my son to play with and look at. We had fun sorting through all of them!

What can you learn from the Girl Scouts? Here are 3  girl scout badges  quick reminders for your own life and business that have been working for YEARS.

1. The Girl Scout Creed- ” On My Honor I Will Try to Serve God My Country and Mankind and to Live By the Girls Scout Law”- Is that what they still say? I know that is what I had to say when I was a Girl Scout. The message is short, sweet, to the point and creates focus. To SERVE…What do you say everyday that reflects what your mission is? Your goals are? What your vision is?

2. Discover, Connect, Take Action- These are the Girl Scouts three keys to leadership. I love it! Let’s apply it to YOU and your business. What have you Discovered about who you are in your business? How are you Connecting to you your Clients/Customers? What Action are you taking to serve them? To improve your business? To create change?

3. The Draw of the Cookie- Many women entrepreneurs today say they got interested in sales and entrepreneurialism when they started selling Girl Scout Cookies. Was that you? I will admit, THAT WAS ME!! I think I bought more boxes for myself in those days to secretly nibble on than I was able to sell! However, the process certainly empowered me! Selling the cookies enables young girls to practice goal-setting, money management, people skills, team work and strategy. They have to plan out how they will sell the most cookies. What their game plan is. What obstacles might they face? Who is most likely to buy?

What lesson can you take away from the simple Girl Scout Cookie? Is your product or service EXCEPTIONAL? Are you doing what you do for a GREATER CAUSE or a GREATER GOOD? Do you have specific systems in place? Superior goal setting strategies? Fri

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